True wealth is being able to learn

“How do we do it? By getting our hands dirty…with dishes!”

“We’re like curious children who keep dipping their fingers in the jam jar” “Our work is that of explorers, and we have the energy of curiosity. We listen and learn directly from the producers on the spot about how our experience can be at their service”


Every day, we wake up and learn something new

Michele Gallina (founder) –  Moreno Tavernelli (partner & chef) - Christian Gallina (partner)



Every day, our clients talk about hands

doughs, joys, the aromas of freshly cut herbs, potatoes, tears, fog. In other words, of passion.

We have a direct approach of “getting our hands dirty;” that is, experimenting in the field to understand what characteristics and qualities we want to offer the market.



Today, Food Consulting is the link

between the excellent food of producers and the needs of restaurateurs

With an extensive sales network throughout northwestern Italy, qualified international connections, and over twenty years of experience, Food Consulting is a unique business in the food industry.