about us

True wealth
is being able to learn

"How do we do it? By getting our hands dirty…with dishes
We’re like curious children who keep dipping their fingers in the jam jar”

Michele Gallinafounder
I was raised in a family where food was synonymous with gathering, with life. My grandmother was a chef, my father a food merchant, and I passed a childhood in front of buckets filled with fresh milk and Sunday meals with friends where gnocchi in ragù brought everyone together. After 10 years in the textile business in Biella, I decided to backtrack. I felt like a caged animal, so I followed the passion that had been in my family for so long—I entered the trade. For 26 years, I have been in sales, first as a sales agent and then with Selecta Spa as a coordinator of agents in northwestern Italy. What I am today, and the skills that I use to help clients, are the result of commitment, dedication, professionalism, and years of experience in the field. Everything that I’ve learned in almost 30 years of activity in the food industry is used at Food Consulting for our customers.. 

Moreno Tavernellipartner & chef
My love for cooking began in high school, when I began studying the hotel industry. Years of hard work followed my studies in kitchens throughout Italy, first as a cook’s assistant, and then as chef de partie. The restaurant Panama di Alassio was my home for a long time, first as chef and then as business manager. Now it has been three years since I’ve begun my new experience with Selecta Spa and Food Consulting as a commercial agent, providing our customers with my culinary knowledge that I’ve gained over the years.


Christian Gallina – partner
Our grandparents were retailers, our father was the coordinator for agents in the northwest for Selecta Spa, our uncle was a chef, and my brother is a sales agent…some people are born with blue blood, but I was born with food blood. After I graduated in International Sciences and European Institutions in International Commerce, observing my family’s work from a keyhole was no longer satisfying for me. When I joined Food Consulting, it became my opportunity to learn, share knowledge, and grow together, just like we offer our clients. I use my passion for writing to communicate the stories our clients tell us, and my studies to evaluate the commercial side of the field.