Today, Food Consulting represents the connection between excellent products of our producers and the needs of restaurateurs. With a widespread network that reaches all of northwest Italy and an experience of over twenty years,Food Consulting is a unique service in its field.

Food Consulting is the connection between excellent products and the needs of restaurateurs, or rather between producers and professionals in the industry who seek quality, reliability, and optimization of resources.

With a sales network that reaches all of northwest Italy, qualified international contacts, and an experience of over twenty years, Food Consulting offers a unique service in its field.



Our consulting services operate on various levels; this way, we can offer a personalized, targeted service that exactly fits the needs of the client company and restaurateurs.

Product consultation

We are the first to get involved, analyzing and perfecting the range of products with the producer, from whom we learn all the secrets behind their creations. This allows us, first and foremost, to offer a detailed and satisfying consultation on the product, followed by an investigation into its functions, its various uses in the kitchen, and the appropriate packaging.

Consulting geared towards restaurateurs

Beyond selling excellent-quality products to the restaurateur, we also offer them a complete food consultation service, focusing our studies on the potential use of the products in recipes, while at the same time demonstrating new techniques and possible approaches to the product. We offer a 360° service that extends to technical-organizational support in food cost, menus, and general organization.


A network of values: trustworthy, reliable, and present

In Food Consulting, we place a high amount of importance on the training of our agents and those of our clients. We seek to instill in them the passion of our profession. Empathy and a spirit of adaptability are essential in our field, not only in our approach to clients (producers and restaurateurs), but also within our own network. We do not simply teach a trade, but we make ourselves available for the collaborators who work alongside us, supporting them at every moment. To guarantee a trustworthy, reliable, and lasting service, we focus on a culture of sales: just presenting a catalogue with an infinite list of products is not part of our know-how. Training, therefore, begins much earlier than the moment we approach retailers or chefs. Getting to know the producers, their stories, and their products is what makes the difference. This is how professionalism is recognized and customer confidence is created. Everyone at Food Consulting, including our agents, can directly demonstrate the potential of a product in which we recognize our own values of high quality.

Those who turn to Food Consulting will find a competent, passionate, and attentive service. Our clients are never left to fend for themselves, but can count on us for constant support. It is this same support that we give to our agents during their training and after.