Every day, our clients
talk about hands

doughs, joys, the aromas of freshly cut herbs, potatoes, tears, fog. In other words, of passion. (Mattia Gallina)

We have a direct approach of “getting our hands dirty;” that is, experimenting in the field to understand what characteristics and qualities we want to offer the market. We do this by talking with the producer, listening to their stories, and experimenting with the work of their craft, diving headfirst into the world of production. We establish a human rapport with our clients, adapting to the various situations and personalities with whom we work.



In the kitchen with an apron

Every day, we work for and with our customers, side by side. We tie on aprons and enter the kitchens, where they listen to us, discussing their work and how they can constantly improve their products. We learn a lot from the producers in a continual exchange of experiences and expertise that brings us closer to understanding the product, its uses, and its potential excellence that it can express. This knowledge is passed on to the restaurateurs we serve and guarantees the success of the high quality products we want to distribute.

A network of people

We strongly believe in empathy and in the spirit of adaptation, not only with producers and restaurateurs but also with our agents. This isn’t simply a job. We are like a soccer team: everyone has a role and we are organized into a system, guided by the coach who gives us advice and encouragement. The players would be lost without a coach, and it doesn’t make sense to have a coach without a team.

Past, present, and future

On the banquet tables of the 16th century, serving strawberries and cherries all year long was considered the height of wealth: it represented the ability to control time. Today, on the other hand, we know that respecting the seasonality of products is essential for obtaining high quality and excellent food. Like our grandparents, we prefer to wait for peaches in the summer and oranges in November. This is how we respect the well-being and natural goodness of products, because we believe the health of tomorrow comes from how we feed ourselves today.