their stories


Every day, the artisans and masters of gastronomy dedicate their passion and creativity to their products. These are their stories, which we have sought to make our own, through our work.


Basano Coraglia: Piedmontese nougat

In a small workshop in San Damiano d’Asti in Piedmont, the Coraglia family creates top quality torrone, or nougat, a traditional Piedmontese sweet. They certainly have the local products to be thankful for, above all the Piedmont Hazelnut IGP and the honey of the Roero, which are transformed with the knowledge and experience of master torronai of the territory. The Piedmont Hazelnuts IGP are carefully selected and then toasted inside the small factory. They guarantee a high quality final product with their attention to detail and quality control of the entire supply and production chain. One characteristic of Basano Coraglia torrone is spreading out the mixture manually in ad hoc molds, overtop thin wafers. The production of Basano Coraglia torrone is based on unhurried, manual work, where the hands of its makers can be felt in the final product. This is how the magic and special qualities of a real artisan torrone is created.

SchonhuberFranchi: indoors and outdoors in catering

SchonhuberFranchi is one of the top names in Italy when it comes to hotel supplies and catering materials. Their collection spans from table arrangements to indoor and outdoor supplies. “We plan, create, and distribute products in the hospitality industry with the objective of allowing our clients to express themselves and satisfy their needs while reinforcing their unique personalities.” Their experience, developed in over 80 years of service, is apparent in their professionalism and in the Made in Italy design. The company was bought by the Pinti family of Brescia in 2014 (“Pinti Inox Spa”), which has been in the stainless-steel industry since 1929. For over 80 years, Pinti Inox Spa has handed down the techniques for producing utensils and materials for the kitchen and table, generation to generation. They always seek the best materials, the newest technology, and the best design, without compromising functionality. Their investment is emphasized with the opening of a new showroom in Via Durini, in the heart of Milan.